CRM Systems

With a customized CRM system, businesses can see a complete real-time picture of all of their accounts and quickly organize a wealth of data into information that can be imported into reports and later analyzed.


CRMs offer business owners a total view of their business, providing a high-level overview of customer-specific profiles. The survival of today’s companies, especially small businesses, depends on knowing their customers, potential customers, and what they want. CRMs can provide that information much faster and it’s now become more affordable.


For small businesses, CRMs are becoming a must-have business tool for success: where once Excel spreadsheets would suffice, businesses are now turning to CRMs, a now easily affordable and convenient business solution that enables business owners to do much more with data and in real-time.

  • Dashboard in CRM
  • Comparisons yearly quarterly monthly weekly of key metrics
  • By rep, total leads total sales close rate revenue
  • By carrier number of leads and number of closes close rate
  • Graphs Leads
  • By Source
  • Comparisons yearly quarterly monthly weekly of key metrics
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per sale Accounts
  • Not touched in x period
  • Average days to close from initial lead to sale
  • Leads by town /sales by town

Wingman Planning can help your business with a customized CRM tool that will keep your leads organized and manageable. We can develop and build a customized CRM for your business or help and train you to work with an off-the-shelf CRM program.


Manage customers from a sale to service, delivery, and beyond. Track your entire customer lifecycle and set access permissions and share documents with customers online.