Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Traffic Reporting


If you’re not first….you’re last. In the world of SEO, rankings are everything. You always want to be on the first page when an individual searches a keyword or string of keywords relating to your business.

With the help of Wingman Planning’s SEO expertise, we make it our mission to improve your website rankings on major search engines, like Google, so your website gets an influx of traffic! The overall process involves making content and technical changes and updates to a site in order to improve the rankings on search engines. New business equals more revenue which in turn makes both you and your clients happy!


We do our research so you don’t have to.

Keywords are crucial. Without the help of keywords, SEO is nonexistent. Wingman Planning prides itself on doing extensive keyword research to find the buzz words that will get clients right to your virtual doorstep. Through our SEO specialized tools, we make sure to not only find the correct keywords but also to find the most search volume per month….keeping you up to date and on target. Are you worried about competitors? We’ve got you covered. We go the extra length to look up keywords your competitors are using so you’ll always have the edge.

Once working with Wingman Planning and starting to have visitors it is vital to measure and analyze the visitors to your site. At Wingman Planning we take care of this data collection and analysis. We believe in numbers here; like many new visitors you have to the site each month and how many people who visit the website click to view other pages of the site. These measurements and data will help you to see and understand the breakdown of the traffic to your site and you'll get a sense of how effective your web presence is.

SEO plans include:

  • 10 Main Keywords searches with Localized/ Geo Local Search
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Page title
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Meta description update/changes
  • Friendly navigation changes
  • Article submission
  • Content creation blog postings
  • Social media to get keywords on the first page.

We will customize a monthly plan for your business. Our plans typically start with a minimum of 6 months and it includes SEO, Tracking, Reporting, and edits to your website. SEO normally takes 6-12 months to start seeing results on the first page of Google searches.

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